Shire of Boddington


Animals Collage

Ranger Services provide an effective and efficient service delivery to the community, residents and visitors of the Shire of Boddington.

The Ranger can be contacted through the Shire during work hours on 9883 4999 or via mobile on 0428 838 025.

Ranger Responsibilities

Rangers provide a variety of services aimed at safeguarding our community, including the enforcement of numerous Acts of Parliament, Local Laws and regulations. They also deal with matters such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Animal Control
  • Firebreaks and fire hazards
  • Litter
  • Parking control
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Verge obstruction


Responsible Dog Ownership

The Dog Act 1976 and the Shire of Boddington Dogs Local Law address the control and registration of dogs: the ownership and keeping of dogs; and the obligations and rights of people; both as dog owners and non-dog owners.

Dog / Cat Registration

A dog owner is legally required to register their dog with the Local Government from the age of three months. The registration period is from 1 November to 31 October the following year.

Please click here for the following:

Application for Dog Registration

Application for Cat Registration

Dog/Cat Registration Fees

All dog & cat registrations expire on 31st October

Registration Type 1 Year 3 Years or Lifetime

Registration fees
Registration Type1 Year3 YearsLifetime
Unsterilised Dogs $50 $120 $250
Sterilised Dogs/Cats $20 $42.50 $100
Pensioner – Working Dogs (50% of working dogs)

Owners Responsibility

As an owner, you have several responsibilities as outlined by the Dog Act 1976, which states owners must ensure their dog:

Wears a collar displaying the owner's name, address and council registration tag when in a public place;

Be confined to the premises where it lives;
Is held by a competent person capable of controlling a dog on a maximum two meter lead when in a public place;

Is exercised on a leash, except in a designated area. Even in designated area, the person in control of the dog must carry a leash and use when required;

Registered in the name of one person and that person must be aged 18 years or over.

Households in residential areas are only permitted to house two dogs.




Petcare Information and Advisory Service

Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS) has recently launched a new website that provides everything a pet owner might want to know about enjoying life with their pets.

Colin Seal from the Dog Line has helped many people with Barking Dog Collars to stop dogs from barking. More information on how to help stop barking dogs can be found on the website.

New Cat Act

FROM 1 November 2013, the full Cat Act 2011, takes effect and require all cats that have reached six months of age to be sterilised, microchipped and registered with their relevant local government.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said the aim was to reduce the thousands of stray cats being euthanised each year and to provide for responsible cat ownership.

"The legislation will also help address the large stray and feral cat population that causes a nuisance, damages property and kills wild life".

Each local government is responsible for administering and enforcing the legislation.

For more information on how the Cat Act 2011 will affect you and your feline friend, visit the Department of Local Government and Communities.

Responsible cat ownership checklist

As a responsible pet owner you are encouraged to:

  • Keep your cat confined to your property, especially at night.
  • Ensure your cat is easily identifiable with a collar and a name tag.
  • Microchip and sterilise your cat.
  • Vaccinate your cat.

Click here to read the Cat Owner Fact Sheet.