Hotham Park

Hotham Park, Boddington's favoured riverside retreat since March 2021, is situated along the picturesque Hotham River. This expansive open space features a fully fenced Toddler Playground and diverse amenities suitable for all age groups. Embrace the tranquility and recreational opportunities that Hotham Park provides, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and families alike.

Hotham Park boasts a range of facilities catering to diverse interests and ages.

Kids and grown-ups who love excitement, can have a great time at the skatepark, zip through the air on the flying fox, or perfect their basketball skills on the Basketball court.

For those seeking more laid-back activities, the pump track provides a cycling challenge, and expansive grassed areas offer a serene setting for picnics.

The on-site cafe, All Walks of Life invites visitors to relax and refuel, while bookworms can immerse themselves in the on-site library.

The playground accommodates a wide age range, featuring diverse play structures for older children and a specially designed, fully fenced toddler playground for the little ones. The toddler area provides a safe and enjoyable space for early childhood adventures.

The park also includes barbecues, picnic tables and public toilets, making it an ideal place for a family picnic or birthday party.

Wuraming Ave, Boddington WA 6390