Community Networks

The Shire of Boddington’s Community and Economic Development team oversees the Boddington Early Years Network and Boddington Active Ageing Network. The Networks comprise of community groups and organisations with an active role in delivering programs and activities for early years and older people in Boddington. The Networks undertake a collaborative approach to ensure coordination of activities and programs to improve local participation and engagement.

The objective of the Networks include:

  • to establish a group of people from various sectors of the community who can work together on a regular basis to support participation of early years and older people in Boddington.
  • to share knowledge, expertise, information and resources with members of the group to support continuous improvement and inform decision making.
  • to contribute to the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of programs and events to support participation of early years and older people.
  • to be recognised as the initial point of contact to discuss and coordinate responses to emerging needs and issues affecting early years and older people within Boddington.

Expression of Interest – Broader Community Representation

While the Networks consist of representation from several community groups and organisations, both Networks also include two positions to represent general community and the Aboriginal community.

Expressions of interest for these positions arise from vacated positions and opportunities for broader community representation will be advertised in Shire News.


Community and Economic Development

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