The cemetery, by its very nature, is a place of quiet reminiscence, allowing community members to live on in the memories of their lost loved ones and aid in the grieving process. To further connect people with the rich history of Boddingtons cemeteries and allow families to further celebrate their loved ones, the Shire has implemented a new digital cemetery platform. This system provides information about the Boddington, Marradong, and Quindanning Cemeteries through an innovative and convenient experience for the public. The platform can be accessed through the link below:

Boddington Cemetery

Marradong Cemetery

Quindanning Cemetery

The system is a digital mirror of each cemetery, which allows the Shire to manage cemetery records and share them online. Users can view interments (blue), reservations (yellow) and vacant plots (green). With a user-friendly platform, the online system allows members of the public to access information about their ancestors. Using smartphones and other devices, it is easy to locate specific plots, search for individuals based on name or date of birth, and embark on a guided digital walk to the precise burial site. 

The digital cemetery system also allows families to create a meaningful online memorial with “Life Chronicle” which provides an opportunity to share photos and a story of your loved one’s life, leaving an everlasting memory and ongoing connection to their lives and legacy. Interments with “Life Chronicle” stories attached are highlighted in aqua.

The Shire of Boddington is taking this venture one step further by accepting Official Stories to be attached to the plots. If you possess historical information from creditable sources, such as published books, you are encouraged to contact the Shire. By incorporating these official narratives, the cemeteries aim to honour the rich history of the region and ensure that future generations can connect with their heritage. 

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Using a smart phone, users can visit the cemetery revealing hidden stories of families who settled in the area in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The cemetery is rich in valuable historic resources and reminders of various settlement patterns with connections to the area’s original pioneering families. 

Life Chronicle submissions can be made directly through the digital cemetery system by clicking on “Write a Life Chronicle”. There is a small cost for submissions which is paid directly to the software provider. A link to the information sheet regarding Life Chronicle submissions can be found here.

For further information on our Cemeteries, please contact the Shire Office during office hours on (08) 9883 4999.