Organise an Event

Boddington plays host to a variety of cultural, economic, sporting and artistic events to enrich the lifestyle of residents and enhance visitor experiences. Home to modern facilities and an abundance of natural attractions, the climate and lifestyle in Boddington make an ideal location for hosting your event.

 The Shire of Boddington is here to support you in planning a safe and successful event.

How do I get started?

Each event is unique, so the application process will be different. The type of approval required will depend on the nature of the event and level of risk. It is recommended the event organisers consults with the Shire early in the planning stages to determine the extent of approval required.

Your event is likely to fit into one of the below categories. This information is provided as a general guide only. For specific advice relating to your event, please contact us.

Facility Hire Form

Facility Hire Form will be required for:

  • Private and/or closed invitation event
  • Booking of a public open space, reserve or Shire facility is required

Special Event Application

Special Event Application will be required if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • The event will be held on Shire of Boddington land, or in a Shire-managed venue.
  • The event is open to the public.
  • The event will attract over 500 people.