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    How to pay your rates

    • In person at the Shire Office - 39 Bannister Road, Boddington. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or money order, EFTPOS or by credit card* (Visa or MasterCard).
    • Cheque or money orders should be payable to the Shire of Boddington.
    • Pay by BPAY by contacting your bank or financial institution. Please refer to your rates notice(s) for the Biller ID and Reference Number(s).
    • Pay online with MasterCard or Visa credit card using the Bpay Reference from your rate notice.

    If you are experiencing financial hardship or wish to discuss your rates, please contact the Finance Officer for a confidential discussion on 9883 4999.

    When do I have to pay my rates?

    • In full | on or before 13 October 2023

    • By two instalments:
      1st            13 October 2023
      2nd        16 February 2024

      By choosing the 2 instalment option the following instalment charges apply:
      - Instalment Interest Charge of 5.5%
      - Late payment interest at the rate of 11% is charged on overdue balances.

    • By Four Instalments: 
      1st                 13 October 2023
      2nd                15 December 2023
      3rd                 16 February 2024
      4th                  19 April 2024

      By choosing the 4 instalment option the following instalment charges apply:
      - Instalment Interest rate of 5.5%
      - Instalment Administration Fee of $10.00 per instalment.
      - Late Payment interest is charged at the rate of 11% is charge on overdue balances

    • Special Payment Arrangements (available on application)
      - Payments by Bpay or Direct Credit to the Shire bank account either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
      - A once-off administration fee of $27.50 applies to all new (non-direct debit) special payment arrangements.
      - Late payment interest is charged at the rate of 11% is charged on overdue balances.

    • Direct Debit - Yearly On-going (available on application)
      - A Direct Debit Request (DDR) form must be completed.  Click to download the application form.
      - A once-off Administration Fee of $27.50 applies to all new direct debit payment arrangements
      - On-going Monthly payments by direct debit from an eligible bank account (Cheque or Savings accounts only) debited on the 16th of each month
      - Full payment and instalment option payments can also be paid via direct debit and will be debited on the due date(s) shown on your rate notice.

    Change of Postal Address

    It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Shire of any changes to postal addresses or property ownership details.  All changes must be submitted in writing by the property owner(s).  Changes of property ownership will also require a current certificate of title supporting the new ownership details.

    Rating & Valuation Information

    Rates are a primary source of revenue for the Shire of Boddington and are imposed on all rateable land within the Shire so as to provide revenue to fund the services and facilities provided to residents, local businesses and visitors.

    The Shire of Boddington uses differential rating ensure that every landowner and business venture makes a reasonable contribution to maintaining and upgrading services and facilities within the Shire.

    The amount of rates payable by a property is determined by four factors: 

    1. the property’s valuation type of GRV or UV;
    2. the amount of the valuation;
    3. the property’s differential rating category; and
    4. the rate in the dollar or minimum payment of that differential rating category.

    All rateable land will have either a GRV valuation for land that is predominantly used for non-rural purposes or a UV valuation for land that is predominantly used for rural purposes. These valuations are provided by the Valuer Generals Office (VGO) in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1978 and are usually revalued every 3 to 6 years for GRV and yearly for UV values.

    If there are any queries in relation to a property’s valuation, please refer to the VGO website at www.landgate.wa.gov.au/valuations or call their customer service on (08) 9273 7373 for more information.

    How Rates are calculated

    Rates $ = (Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Value (UV) x rate in $) – any concessions + applicable levies and charges

    If a calculated assessment is below the minimum rate contribution, the minimum rate applies.

    Minimum Payment

    Each differential rating category has a minimum payment that is applied to ensure those properties not subject to a rate in the dollar calculation make a fair and equitable contribution to the Shire’s rate revenue. 

    A minimum payment is levied if it is equal to or less than the amount when calculating rates by using the rate in the dollar multiplied by a properties valuation. 

    Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

    The ESL is not a Local Government charge but is collected on behalf of the State Government. If you have any enquiries relating to the levy, please contact the Department of Fire and Emergency Services on 1300 136 099, or visit their website at dfes.wa.gov.au.

    Pensioners and concession card holders discount

    Eligible pensioners and seniors may be entitled to claim a rebate (discount) on their Annual Rates and Emergency Services Levy or defer payment.

    Pensioner Rebate

    Claim a rebate funded by the State Government of up to 50% (capped at $750) off the current year’s rates and 50% off the Emergency Services Levy. Please refer to the State Government's website for details. https://concessions.communities.wa.gov.au/Concessions/Pages/Local-Government-Rates-Rebate.aspx. The rebate applicable to rates and ESL only; all other charges are to be paid in full.

    To be eligible for rebates under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, an applicant must:

    • Be the owner and reside in the property on July 1 of the rating year,
    • Be a pensioner either:
      • in receipt of a pension and hold a pensioner concession card, or
      • hold a state concession card, or
      • hold both a Seniors Card issued by the WA Seniors Card Centre and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card,
    • Be an owner or person with relevant interest Lease for Life occupier and reside in the property on July 1 of the rating year,
    • Have registered entitlements with the Water Corporation.

    Seniors Rebate

    Seniors who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 25% off the current year’s rates limited to the amount of $100 and 25% off the ESL only. All other charges are to be paid in full.

    To be eligible for concessions under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, an applicant must:

    • Be the owner and reside at the property on July 1 of the rating year
    • Be a senior in possession of a State Seniors card issued by the WA Seniors Card Centre
    • Be an owner or person with relevant interest Lease for Life occupier and reside in the property on July 1 of the rating year
    • Have registered entitlements with the Water Corporation.

    A pro-rata rebate on Council rates and ESL to pensioners and seniors may be available.

    To obtain your rebate you must clear any outstanding arrears. Please contact the Shire to make an arrangement.

    Please visit the Water Corporation website to apply for a concession. If your circumstances change, advise the Water Corporation on 13 13 85 or visit their website.