Community Consultation

2024/25 Community Budget Submissions

The Shire of Boddington invites the Community to put forward requests for consideration in the annual budget for the forthcoming financial year. Requests can be made for new or improved assets or services.

Projects that align with other Shire Grant Funding Opportunities, e.g. the Community Grant Scheme, should be submitted through the existing process.

Priority will be given to funding projects that align with the Council Plan.


  • All estimated costs and revenues will need to be confirmed prior to consideration in the draft Budget.
  • Submissions which are not funded in the next Budget may be considered in future years.

Access the PDF version Here.

Funding Requirement*



Aboriginal Reference Group Nominations

The Shire is seeking nominations for representation on an Aboriginal Reference Group. This Group will provide crucial insights for decision-makers on matters affecting Aboriginal people, facilitate cultural recognition projects, and provide a first point of contact for the Shire on cultural matters.

Note: The nomination form asks you to indicate your address, age bracket, gender and other personal details. This information will be kept confidential and will only be used to assess diverse representation on the Group.

Nominations close Friday 15 March, 2024.


Age Group*

Upon becoming a member of the Group, I consent to the publication of my name and photograph in Shire publications and other communication material, including social and print media.*

I agree to abide by the Terms of Reference for the Group.*