Town Centre Revitalisation Project - Have Your Say!

Published on Tuesday, 6 December 2022 at 10:00:00 AM

In October 2022, the Shire of Boddington initiated a Town Centre Revitalisation project and appointed Emerge Associates as the primary consultant to bring it to fruition. The first phase is to engage the wider community on concepts, and to hear from business owners in relation to future aspirations.

Project Extent:

The boundaries of the project are contained along Bannister Road, from the Northern entry past Hill Street and Southern entry by Farmers Reserve and include Wuraming Avenue, a section of Johnstone Avenue between Wuraming Avenue and Pollard Street and a section of Pollard Street between Johnstone Street and Bannister Road.

The area is broken up into 3 levels of design intensity:

1. High level (orange). Total of 700m - high focus area, quality durable finishes, high standard aesthetics, promotes interest and encourages longer stays.

2. Medium (blue). Total of 70m – important connecting node, and should provide some of the key elements of the high level design areas, but provide a natural progression into and out of the high and low zones.

3. Low (green) Total of 470m – minor aesthetic amendments, continuation of some themes or elements that indicate to the user that the area is within an important component of the Boddington Town Centre.

Image: Map of Boddington detailing the areas and intensity for the Town Centre Revitalisation Project

Project Deliverables: The project includes 5 stages of work.

Stage 1 Project inception and Investigation
Stage 2 Scoping and Key Stakeholder Consultation
Stage 3 Masterplan Design Development and Key Stakeholder Consultation
Stage 4 Revised Masterplan
Stage 5 Final masterplan and project engagement report

You are now invited to have your say about what you would like to see and experience in the project area, and what you think is important to include for the benefit of the whole community. A short survey can be accessed here and is also available in hardcopy from the Shire Administration.

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