What is a Town Centre Revitalisation?

Town centres are the physical, economic, social and cultural hearts of their communities. They are important places for local business and play a crucial role in community connection and neighbourhood character. Revitalisation of a town centre is the planned process of implementing initiatives within a central location that support thriving communities.

Why is this project taking place?

An upgrade of the Boddington Town Centre was identified as a key priority during community consultation for the development of the Council Plan 2022-2032.

 The need for the upgrade is driven by factors including:

  • Ageing infrastructure ‐ including seating, footpaths, kerbs and landscaping;
  • The desire to increase tourism activity
  • Car parking accessibility

 The project will consider priority areas for improvement such as:

  • New and upgraded footpaths;
  • New streetscape furniture including seats, signs, public art and bins; and
  • Additional landscaping, including more or replacement street trees.

How can I be involved?

Community feedback has helped to shape the plans to enhance the Town Centre. A Reference Group was established in October 2022, to provide ideas to inform the Concept Plan development. In addition to the Reference Group discussions, various opportunities for comment were provided throughout the project to allow wide community input.

Image: Town Centre Revitalisation Reference Group comprising members of the business community, residents and representatives of the Shire of Boddington.

How much will the project cost?

The preliminary cost estimate for the project will be determined as a part of the Concept Plan development.

What is the timing of construction?

It is likely that project would be staged over 2 years once funding is received.


August 2022

Reference Group formed

September – November 2022

Masterplan development

March 2023

Draft Masterplan complete

March 2023 - April 2023

Consultation on Draft Masterplan

May 2023

Final Masterplan endorsed

June 2023 onwards


What's Next?

Public submissions have officially closed (as of 6 April 2023). 

All submissions are now under review and outcome will be presented at the June Ordinary Council Meeting 2023.