Caravan Park Enhancement Project

Through the development of the Council Plan 2022-2032, Council resolved to progress a business plan to determine the need and viability for the upgrading of the Boddington Caravan Park.

This project encompasses three stages, being a needs assessment, concept plan development, and business case. This multi-faceted approach will ensure that the final outcome is evidence-based.

Stage 1

The Needs Analysis (Stage 1) is complete and can be viewed here. This involved:

  • Accommodation demand/supply analysis
  • Consideration of the current and potential product mix to meet demand and ensure financial viability and a positive user experience
  • Review and assessment of existing caravan park, noting any redevelopment requirements to ensure flexibility to “future proof” the development
  • Assess current management arrangements and provide alternative management options where appropriate
  • Determine opportunity for future staging of construction and development
  • Provide concepts for minimising construction and servicing costs
  • Consider potential to incorporate alternative uses for sites in the caravan park
  • Liaison with relevant industry stakeholders

Stage 2

The Concept Planning (Stage 2) is complete, with the plans able to be viewed here. This stage involved:

  • Reviewing the specific needs for improvement within the current site, and recommending specific improvements
  • Planning the layout of additional accommodation options within the current site and overflow area.

Stage 3

The Business Case (Stage 3) is complete and can be viewed here. This stage involved:

  • Caravan industry research, best case examples, locational advantages and potential issues
  • Short and long-term market impacts of COVID-19 pandemic
  • Current market trends and market projections
  • Broad capital cost estimate of potential redevelopment – including construction and site services
  • Financial modelling including projected occupancy and yield
  • Estimated operational costs
  • Product mix variability outcomes
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • High-level social and economic impact analysis

What's Next?

The Business Case, incorporating information from each of the preceding stages, was presented to, and endorsed by Council, at the August Ordinary Council Meeting 2023.

Funding applications will be submitted to secure the resources to progress this project.