Town Centre Revitalisation Masterplan

Published on Monday, 14 August 2023 at 10:56:37 AM

The planning for increased vibrancy and functionality of key components of the Boddington Townsite is now complete. Some of the exciting elements within this plan include an upgrade of the Town Hall Carpark and surrounds, sealing of Peppercorn Lane, improvements to Central Park, development of a pocket park on Bannister Road adjacent to the IGA that links through to the river foreshore area, removal of the fence around the Boddington Old School to create an inviting space to explore, undergrounding of the power on Bannister Road, murals, upgrade to paving, and much more! Some of the projects such as undergrounding of power are longer term, while others will commence in the current financial year.

Visit the current projects page on the Shire website for further information.

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