Proposed Permanent Road Closure – Portion of Ashcroft Road, Morts Road and Rogers Bend, Boddington & Marradong

Published on Thursday, 21 March 2024 at 7:30:46 AM

The Shire of Boddington has received an application from South32 Worsley Alumina to ‘permanently’ close a portion of Ashcroft Road, Morts Road, and Rogers Bend in the localities of Boddington and Marradong. The roads are proposed to be closed to allow mining through the area and will be reconstructed by South32 Worsley Alumina to the Shire’s satisfaction, and reopened to the public by the following dates, once mining operations have concluded:


  • Morts Road – 1 January 2026
  • Rogers Bend – 1 January 2029
  • Ashcroft Road – 1 May 2038


Council at its meeting on 25 May 2023 already approved the temporary closure of Ashcroft Road, Morts Road and Rogers Bend for the dates mentioned above, and this will not change under South32 Worsley Alumina’s proposed ‘permanent’ road closure.


South32 Worsley Alumina has applied to ‘permanently’ close Ashcroft Road, Morts Road, and Rogers Bend because key State Government agencies advised that these roads cannot be mined through, unless they are ‘permanently’ closed under the Land Administration Act 1997.


South32 Worsley Alumina has entered an agreement with the Shire of Boddington and confirmed that it will reconstruct and reopen these roads by the dates mentioned above, once mining has concluded in the area. At that time, the Shire will ask the Minister for Lands to re-dedicate Ashcroft Road, Morts Road and Rogers Bend as public roads. South32 Worsley Alumina has confirmed its support for this approach, and the Shire has also received in-principle support of this from relevant State Government agencies.


Although this ‘permanent’ road closure will result in the closure of Ashcroft Road, Morts Road and Rogers Bend for the same period of time as already approved by Council on 25 May 2023, it still needs to be advertised for public comment under Section 58 of the Land Administration Act 1997.


A plan showing the affected roads can be accessed from the Shire’s website, or can be viewed in person at the Shire of Boddington’s Office, or Library during operating hours. Further information and background to this proposal can also be found in Agenda Item 9.2.4 from Council’s 18 January 2024 Meeting Agenda.


Comments on the application are to be provided in writing by 5:00pm on Friday 3 May 2024 to:


Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Boddington

PO Box 4

Boddington WA 6390


Or via email to:

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