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Published: Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Shire of Boddington and the Boddington Seniors Group are very pleased to announce the completion of the Community Small Dog Park in Blue Gum Reserve. Completed on Friday 19 January and yet to be officially opened, the Dog Park was created by the Boddington Seniors Group but is open for all whom wish to use it.

Discussions with the Seniors Group, Council and local community members through the Community Strategic plan raised awareness and the issue that some elderly residents had with exercising their dogs. Some residents who reside in retirement units and have limited yard space to walk and exercise their beloved pets suggested that they would like an area where they could safely and easily exercise their dogs. Some pet owners where paying to have their dogs walked as they were not able to do so themselves and their yard size made it difficult.

The Seniors Group have been fundraising and sourcing equipment for the project since August 2017 and with some additional donations from Seniors were able to fully fund the project. The Shire of Boddington supported the project for several reasons. 1) The project fits within the key imperatives that make up the Community Strategic Plan – A strong, healthy and safe community – An inclusive and supportive community, Access to sport, recreation and leisure opportunities that support a healthy lifestyle, 2) The project supports the development of relationships between the Shire and Community groups and encourages groups to work towards favourable outcomes that provide benefits the whole community and 3)The project had limited impact on the budget.

This is a wonderful example of a community group working towards a positive outcome with benefits for the community. It is still a work in progress and as funds and additional materials become available the Shire will improve the car parking at the corner of Blue Gum Close and Jarrah Terrace.

Future improvements are likely to see seating provided in the park as well.

Congratulations and thank you to the Boddington Seniors Group and in particular Dawn Newman, who has worked tirelessly to help make this project happen. It is expected that a morning tea will be held down at the Dog Park in the near future to officially open it and thank the Seniors Group for their contribution.

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