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Current Shire forms are available under their relevant topics, if you are unable to locate the form that you need by using the search function, please call the Shire on 9883 4999 and ask for assistance.

Direct Debit Request (DDR) form

Direct Debit Request form

Cemetery forms for funeral homes

Form 1-Application for single funeral permit

Form 2 - Application for Grant of Right

Form 4 - Application for Burial

Monumental Masons forms

Form 16 - Application for Monumental Masons Licence

Form 18 - Application for Preparation of Works

Facility Hire 

Facility Hire Form

Freedom of Information Application Form

Freedom of Information Form

Bond Refund Request Form - Creditors

Bond Refund Request form - Creditors

Permission to Consume in Shire Facility 

Permission to consume form 

Application for Temporary Food Stall

Please click here for Application and Diagrams

Septic Tank Application 


Crossover Guidelines

Crossover Guidelines

Change of Address/Ownership

Change of Address/Ownership - Rates


Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisement

Application for Development Approval