Boddington Community Wellbeing Plan Survey

Published on Friday, 18 August 2023 at 9:03:36 AM

What is in this survey? 

The Boddington Health & Wellbeing Survey covers three main areas of interest to the Boddington Community Wellbeing Plan committee: 

  • Community perceptions of local alcohol, other drug, mental health and suicide related issues. 
  • Understanding of what alcohol and other drug [AOD], mental health [MH] related services would be/are accessed by community  
  • Strategies to address these issues that would be supported by the community. 


How will the results be used? 

It is intended that this information will be used to support the Boddington Community Wellbeing Plan committee, along with supporting Holyoake’s Prevention Team, local agencies and the WA Mental Health Commission to develop Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health prevention/promotion programs in the future and measure progress.


Why use a survey? 

Collecting information from a broad cross-section of your community can help to identify community priorities related to local alcohol, other drug, mental health and suicide related issues. This information can monitor changes in concerns in your community over time as well as highlight strategies that would be supported in your community. 


Who delivers the surveys? 

This survey is delivered by Holyoake’s Prevention Team , in conjunction with local community service provider via an online survey or individually via a paper-based version. 


What happens to the completed surveys? 

An analysis of the surveys will be undertaken by Holyoake’s Prevention Team and a summarised report will be provided to the Boddington Community Wellbeing Plan committee. 


Who will be surveyed? 

The survey is intended to collect information from a broad cross-section of the local adult community (over 18 years of age). Please note, this survey is not intended to be delivered to people under 18 years of age.   



If you have any queries in relation to this survey or require assistance in completing the survey, please contact: 


Return your Survey 

If you have completed a hard copy of this survey, please ensure it is returned in its entirety to OR drop it in at the Shire of Boddington.


Link to the Boddington Health & Wellbeing Survey:


Physical copies os the survey are available from the Shire of Boddington Administration.

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