A Second Workshop Provides Further Insight for a Community Wellbeing Plan (CWP)

Published on Tuesday, 2 May 2023 at 2:44:12 PM

With support of the Shire of Boddington, Holyoake recently facilitated a second interactive workshop with local organsiations and community groups to develop a Community Wellbeing Plan (CWP) for Boddington during 2023. The Working Group identified existing capacity in the community by undertaking community mapping and gapping of existing services, programs and events being delivered, as well as identify opportunities for new collaboration and partnership.

A CWP articulates a staged approach to undertaking local action to create sustainable and positive change in communities. It provides a means for a coordinated and collaborative approach by recognising each organisation has a role to play in supporting health and wellbeing of communities.

The Working Group is set to meet again in June 2023 to explore health and wellbeing data specific to Boddington to identify local priority areas, as well as plan the launch of a Community Perceptions Survey for the broader community to provide input into the Plan.

Community groups and local organisations with an active role in supporting the health and wellbeing of Boddington residents and interested in joining the CWP Working Group are encouraged to contact the Shire of Boddington’s Community & Economic Development team.

Image: Boddington Community Wellbeing Plan Working Group members comprising Holyoake, Shire of Boddington, Boddington District High School, Boddington Community Resource Centre, Boddington Lion’s Club, WA Country Health Service, WAPOL Boddington and Newmont Boddington Gold

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