Boddington Signage Strategy

To support Boddington’s economic growth and diversification, signage to direct visitors is key to providing a positive and consistent visitor experience.

The Boddington Tourism Strategy, developed in 2013, confirmed the need for improvements to signage throughout Boddington.

“Enhancing signage across the district will help draw people off the highway, direct them to points of interest and indirectly give a sense to visitors that Boddington people care about the place they live in. Signage will also increase awareness of the region and could be used to promote the signature experience in Boddington.  There are two fundamental categories of tourist signs used throughout Western Australia. These are attraction signs and service signs. A sign strategy should be developed and implemented that includes both kinds of signage”. 

“The audit (of tourism product and infrastructure) also identified poor signage as a gap”.

The Economic Development Strategy developed in 2012 also noted the need for improved signage as being a high short to medium term priority.

Communication is necessary with tourists and the tourism industry to increase visitor numbers, length of stay and level of expenditure. Good clear signage and up-to-date information and maps are essential.

 The Council Plan adopted in August 2022 confirmed the continuing priority of having a clear and strategic approach to tourism signage. To achieve this, a Signage Strategy is being developed. 

Improved tourism signage will help to create positive first impressions, assist easy and safe visitor movement and way-finding, inform visitors of the range of attractions and services available at the destination and increase business confidence and civic pride within the Boddington community.

Throughout the month of September 2022, the Shire sought feedback on the current strengths and weaknesses of existing signage, as well as what the priority areas should be for improvement to enhance the visitor experience, the presentation of the area and to improve outcomes for the local economy.

Responses from the online survey and the in-person discussion were used to inform the draft Signage Strategy. The draft Strategy was adopted by Council in December 2022, and can be viewed here.