2024 Council Plan Review

The Council Plan 2023–2033, endorsed by the Shire of Boddington in July 2023 was crafted on behalf of our community and shaped by your feedback. This Plan identifies your priorities and aspirations for the next decade, outlining the path to achieving them.

In 2024, the Council Plan is undergoing a thorough review to ensure alignment with the evolving needs of our community. This review includes essential components such as a community survey for gathering public input, data analysis to inform decision-making, and collaborative workshops involving Council, the community, and local businesses.

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Consultation Timeline

The Current Plan

Structured upon a vision to be "a vibrant and connected community with excellent lifestyle and employment opportunities in a beautiful natural environment", the current Council Plan revolves around the collaborative efforts of the community to formulate a blueprint for the future. Through extensive consultation, six primary aspirations, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, were utilised:

A connected, inclusive community with excellent access to local health services and residential care for our elderly.

Planet: Everyone is committed to climate action and our future sustainability.

Place: Attractive, liveable towns and rural communities with affordable, accessible housing for all stages of life.

Prosperity: The Shire of Boddington is attracting growing numbers of investors, businesses, visitors, and workers who choose to live locally.

Performance: Local leaders are trusted and respected for listening to diverse community views and making well informed, responsible decisions

Council Plan 2023-33