Ranford Pool Enhancement Project

The Shire of Boddington is excited to announce that Council has approved the Concept Plan for the development of Ranford Pool (Darminning), in collaboration with a community-led reference group. With careful consideration, the Reference Group has recommended several enhancements aimed at improving the overall experience for visitors.

As a direct result of the community consultation process, Council decided to enhance the project by incorporating the installation of CCTV surveillance. Alongside the recommendations made by the community-led reference group, this addition was recommended to ensure the safety and security of visitors to the area.

The approved enhancements include:

  • Installation of a toilet facility
  • Expansion of the paved cul-de-sac to accommodate caravans
  • Addition of extra parking spaces
  • Establishment of a barbecue area with additional seating and shelters
  • Installation of CCTV surveillance

Furthermore, strategic tree planting will increase shade around the central area adjacent to the yarning circle, while pathways will be formalised using stabilised bauxite for easier navigation.

In addition to these improvements, the proposed upgrades include the installation of bike racks, and interpretive signage celebrating the cultural heritage and significance of the Tannin Extracts Factory. These enhancements aim to enrich the visitor experience while respecting and honouring the area's cultural and historical heritage.