Shire of Boddington

Online Form - Public Question Time

To expedite question time at Council Meetings, questions are required to be submitted in writing, either in person or via email, to the CEO at least 4 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting.

A total of 15 minutes is allocated for question time so we ask that you are mindful of this to allow all participant to ask their questions.

How question time works:
1. When the Presiding Officers ask if there are any questions from the public, you are to acknowledge that you have a question.
2. The Presiding Officer will call on the public to ask their questions.
3. State your full name and address
4. Ask the question of the Council, directed to the Presiding Officer
5. A question may be taken on notice by the Council for a later response.
6. When a question is taken on notice, the response will be sent directly to the member of the public asking the question in writing. This will then be included in the agenda at the next meeting of the Council.

Local Government Act 1995, Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 7 (4).

Nothing in sub regulation (3) (each person is to be given an equal and fair opportunity to as a question and receive a response) requires -

(a) a Council to answer a question that does not relate to a matter affecting the local government;

(b) a Council at a special meeting to answer a question that does not relate to the purpose of the meeting
(c) a committee to answer a question that does not relate to a function of the committee.


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