Online Form - Proposed Dump Truck Display

Submissions close Thursday 18 April, 2024.

Thank you for your interest in completing a survey regarding the proposed dump truck display in Boddington. This proposal has the potential to enhance tourism in our town and celebrate our rich gold mining heritage.

Newmont Boddington Gold has offered to donate this truck for display.

The truck is large! Approximately 6m high, 7m wide, and 13m long. Due to the size of the truck, there will be limitations on where it can be located.

Initial ideas for a proposed location include:

  • Adjacent to the Arts Council building on Johnstone Street, in the empty lot.
  • Situated within the Old School Oval Precinct.
  • Across from the Shire Administration, on one of the available lots.
Do you support the display of a dump truck in the townsite as a tourism attraction?
What is your age group? Please select one option from the following: