Advocacy is an important way for the Shire to provide a voice for the community on issues that matter. This is an essential role of local government. One of the advocacy projects that the Shire is undertaking, is raising the need for the installation of overtaking opportunities and/or passing lanes between Boddington and Dwellingup.

This drive encompasses travel along Bannister-Marradong and Pinjarra Williams Roads, which are State controlled roads managed by Main Roads WA. The route has been the site of a number vehicle crashes and incidents, and causes continued concern from users with a high number of near misses. The Shire has reignited discussions with Main Roads WA to urge improvements to be carried out along this stretch of road.


To assist in the discussions with Main Roads WA, information is requested from road users who have been involved in, or witnessed any incidents or near misses. In addition, information about any traffic hazards are sought. Details will be collated and used to present to both Main Roads and Members of Parliament. 

Results from the recent survey are currently being collated.