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20 Bannister Road  Boddington  (Old School)

Phone:  0418 952 166

Entrance via Wuraming Road

Library Times

Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday                9:00am - 1:00pm

During school holidays opening times are same as above.

One Library

The new Shire of Boddington Library has joined with 11 other local governments in a new, sharing Library Management System, which will give library members access to a larger supply of resources.

Please click on the link for more information Introducing One Library

Requesting items in our collection online

Go to Boddington Public Library Catalogue

1.) Log in using your library card number and PIN.

2.) Search the catalogue for the item you want.

3.) Click the Place Hold button. A window will pop up with the item you are requesting.

4.) To complete the request, click Place Hold and OK.

5.) If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Boddington Library select Library Search from the drop dox and you can search across the whole of the South West Library Consortia.

6.) Items placed on hold at other libraries will be delivered to Boddington and you will be informed when they can be picked up.

State Library of WA

State Library of WA catalogue provides access to all State owned library books in the State. Books can be requested at the Boddington Library.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Get help to understand and use statistics to make informed decisions. Along with our free statistics, we also provide related information and services on a wide range of economic, social matters and environmental matters.


The Boddington library is registered with BorrowBox for E-book loans. Please see this link to loan books using your existing library number, or speak to the Librarian for more information. 


This is an Australian database that requires a once only registration by the parent who provides details of a student/child including age. This registration information enables Intrepica to be fully customised for the child who will be using it. Following registration a login is sent to your home email address for all your future logins.

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