Shire of Boddington

Refuse site/Waste Management

Private Works/Rubbish Collection

Private Works

Council plant may be hired by arrangement to undertake private works if it does not affect the Shires own works programme. Please contact the Manager of Works and Services to discuss this on (08) 9883 4999.

Rubbish Collection

Household waste is collected on Tuesdays from residents within townsites (Boddington and Ranford) and from properties that are on the refuse vehicle route.

Recycling Calendar 2019 to 2020

Refuse Disposal Site

The Boddington Refuse Disposal Site is located off Robins Road, 6 kms from town.

Waste disposal site hours
DayOpening timeClosing Time
Monday Refuse Site closed
Tuesday 10 am 4 pm
Wednesday Refuse Site Closed
Thursday 11am 3pm
Friday Refuse Site Closed
Saturday 11am 3pm
Sunday 11am 3pm

Unless a tip pass is valid, charges in accordance with current fees and charges are applied for depositing rubbish at the Refuse Disposal Site. One tip pass entitles you to deposit one cubic metre of rubbish

Should a local business or individual wish to obtain access to the Refuse Site, outside of these regular hours, staff can, by appointment, arrange for the access by paying a Council fee of $78 per hour. It is anticipated that this service would only be required for special occasions and not for regular use.


Many people are likely to take advantage of this beautiful autumn weather to get some work done in their backyards. Council recognises the need for the tip to be open during this period and so opening times will not be changed.

Saturday 20th 11-3pm
Sunday 21st 11-3pm
Tuesday 23rd 10-4pm
Thursday 25th 11-3pm

If you need tip tokens please get them before 4 PM today .



Council, with support from the local mining companies, operates a commingled recycling service located on Johnstone Street.

Materials that can be deposited include glass, paper products, aluminium and steel cans and plastics with either a 1, 2 or 3 symbol on the bottom of the container. The bins are not designed for removal of normal household waste.

E-Waste Recycling

A skip bin is provided for the recycling of E-Waste at the Boddington Refuse site.

We encourage residents to place all E-Waste into this bin rather than dump this material. This service is free of charge to all residents.

Please see the list of items that can be recycled via the E-Waste recycling collection point at the Boddington Refuse site by clicking here.


  • Vehicle batteries are recycled separately at the tip. 
  • Batteries from electronic appliances can be recycled via a recycling bin at the Shire office.
  • Mobile phone batteries and such like can be recycled via the e-waste collection.